Holidays – Time to reflect


As the 2013 is fast approaching it’s time to step back and reflect on what you have or not accomplished in 2012 and your goals for the new year. Although most people never look at those goals let alone accomplishing them, but review my goals on weekly basis and accomplish about 75% of them.

Sometimes I wish life could present/give me things in bullet points and I will take it from there, but I know I would lucky to even have chicken shit so I have created my own bullet pointed list that need to be accomplish for the next 12 months.

Here is a quick overview on how my buttet pointed list look like although not completed for obvious reasons:

Healthy Thingies

  • Work out 5 times per week
  • Run 3 miles week
  • Eat mostly plant based food and stick with the Meal Plan

Financial Thingies

  • Pay off half of my debts by year end
  • Change direct deposit include emergency saving
  • Setup budget and stick to it.

Family Thingies

  • One night out every month
  • One weekend away every 2 months

Launch an Idea

  • Create a list of ideas
  • Select one to be launched
  • Seek help friends and family

Organization Thingies

  • Create weekly tasks list that update daily
  • Reply to all email within 12 hours
  • Train and Delegate

Get Mentored

  • Recruit 2 additional mentors
  • Weekly and Monthly meeting with my mentors
  • Accomplished specific tasks assign by mentors